Pdlc Film (for Smart Glass)

Min. Order: 100 Square Meters
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Pdlc Film (for Smart Glass)

Product Description

1. Windows, Doors and Partitions
Light control, balance between indoor daylighting and privacy

2. Projection Screen
Show background image when it is clear; Use as projection screen when it is opaque, wide viewing angle, high definition

3. Building Decoration
Privacy control, artistic effect, like conference rooms, bathroom/shower doors, exzibitions/expos

4. Healthcare and Medical Treatment Areas
Like intensive-care areas, easier to clean compared with traditional curtain, privacy control

Main Features:
1. Singyes selects special liquid crystal ingredients; Tightly attached between materals; 92% opacity and 84% transparency; Low energy consumption;

2. Perfect optical performance is due to Selection of Singyes high quality ITO Film;

3. Flexiable; Wide applications; It can be sticked on the glass panels(even curved ones) directly, or used for laminated smart glass;

4. Customizable size, maximum to 1.2 × 3.6m;

5. Fast speed of control; Fast change from transparent to opaque when activated;

6. Capable of dimming through the control of voltage, so various visual effects can be achieved;

7. Various ways of control, like physical switch, light control, sound control, temperature control, remote control etc.; Select according the client's request;

8. Sound & heat insulation, energy-saving and environmentally friendly; Blocking most UV and infrared rays.
Properties Parameters
Model Opaque (switched on)
Transparent (switched off)
Color milky white (off)/ transparent (on)
Thickness 0.28mm / 0.4mm
Size customizable, maximum 1.2 × 3.6 m
Operating Temperature -10  to +60° C
Storage Temperature -20 to +70° C
Driving Voltage 20± 5 V (AC, 50-60 Hz)
Operating Voltage ≤ 75 V (AC, 50/60 Hz)
Current ≤ 0.1 A/sqm
Energy Consumption about 6W/sqm
Degree of Transparency (on) > 80 %
Angle of View > 140°
UV Blocking Rate ≥ 98%
Response Speed < 1s
Durability > 80 million times on & off
Lifespan > 50, 000 hours
Voltage Endurance no breakdown under 120 V AC for 60s

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